Dead and Company Hollywood Bowl Recap 6/1

No Bombs, Just Jams From Dead & Company at Hollywood Bowl on 6/1

The experience at a “Dead” show is enhanced greatly when you take someone for the very first time.  It’s even greater when that someone is a 17 year old family member who has no idea what to expect and isn’t all that familiar with the music.  This was the case for me on Thursday night at the Hollywood Bowl where I got the opportunity to introduce young squire, Austin Sipprell, to the music and experience of a Dead show.  Austin is the nephew of Shawna Newbern, my better half and editor/contributor at

The dust had not yet settled from the oddball setus-interruptus bomb scare the night before and we were all hoping for something extraordinary from the boys this night.  I just wanted them to deliver a show worthy of Austin’s first…and brother did they hear my prayers.

Hell in a Bucket, West LA Fade-Away, Half-Step, UJB, Minglewood and US Blues all in Set 1.  Other than a few high points, the first set held a very bluesy feel from start to finish.  Mellow but way more energy than the night before.  Just what the doctor ordered.

I would have bet money that the set 2 opener wouldn’t have happened.  I was sure they’d save Estimated Prophet for Shoreline…I would have been wrong and I am glad I was.  Then it happened…St. Stephen, Terrapin, Dark Star>Drums (w/ special guest Jason Hann from String Cheese Incident)>Space>Dark Star.  If that’s not enough to close the deal as a most epic night, you need to check yourself.  Morning Dew closed it out and Not Fade Away locked the doors and turned off the lights.  This is the show I’d always wanted for my first show and for all of you who had that experience at the Bowl…welcome to the party.

6/1 Hollywood Bowl
Dead & Co.

Set 1

Hell in a Bucket
Next Time You See Me
West LA Fade-away
Mississippi Half-Step
Little Red Rooster
Uncle Johns Band
New Minglewood Blues
US Blues

Set 2

Estimated Prophet
St Stephen
Terrapin Station
Dark Star>
Dark Star
Morning Dew

Not Fade Away


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